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Tam Tam and Lulu

This song is by Watkin Tudor Jones and appears on the album The Fantastic Kill (2005).

It's a beautiful night (beautiful)
You're home alone, next to the phone (shh)
The stars are out twinkling
Your sheets are clean
Lying there, in your pajamas
Mhhmmm (zip)

Hip hop, uh here we go girls
It's a lovely evening, oh isn't it
Let's go chill inside for a little bit
The couch is very comfortable and it's all nice and cozy
Tam tam, don't you want to close the curtains for me sweetheart?
Lulu, just wait, yeah stand there in the middle
Just want to sit you on the couch and look at you a little
Tam Tam go sit over there on the chair
Lulu, take off your underwear
No, nuh-uh, not your bra just your panties
Daddy wants to smell how you're feeling tonight
There we go baby, throw them here
Can my little princess lift up her dress?
Mmm, baby you the nicest
Just how daddy likes it
Pull your dress over your head
Cover your face carefully and just stand there for me
Turn around slowly
Tam Tam you can come over here and blow me
Lulu, get on your hands and knees for me darling
Yeah that's lovely, nice
Spread your buttcheeks
Now that's what I'm speaking about
Tam Tam you look so pretty with my dick in your mouth
That's too nice
You're killing me, damn man
Lulu, come over here and eat Tam Tam

(Lots of moaning)

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