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Burning Desire

This song is by Watkin Tudor Jones and appears on the album The Fantastic Kill (2005).

Girls and boys get ready, get set
Voodoo Boogie-Woogie
Body-snatcher come smash a dead-head
Boom! Bam! Ooh!

I'm high hanging from my helicopter with a super hard-on
Voodoo-priests guard the fortress, I hate that stupid morons
Undead, cobweb covered, trippy song singing, funny dance swinging
Weirdos... Getting dumb to the drum

Trying to throw me with stones, in the air-twist
Bare-fist, extra white knuckles, no armour, no nothing
Cool stuff-sayer, icycle-spit, tff-tff-tff-tff... tsss!

Burning desire you trapped in walls of fire

Looking up at me with an open mouth... this is terrible
The heat's unbearable... I'm getting harder... Uh!
Frozen Saliva tame flame, lame brains keep vipping
Shh-shh-shh-shh-shh-shh-shh-shh... heart beat skipping
Jasis... ok, keep cool... super fluid
Dragon-fly-style mid-air manouvres, I can do this!
Keep your chin up princess... Goodness this is intense
Dead-heads babbling on, frowning at me like a klingon

Aargh kak! Very scary
Screaming demon tree host ceremony
Aargh kak! Stand-up pump up your panga
Who the fuck that from helicopter hang huh?
Aargh kak! Children Kill him
Bliksim... poes... mmm... fuck it!

Aargh kak! Vrot-smelly, pot belly
Klop cherrie met die knob-kerrie
Aargh kak! Hunchback bouncing on a matress
Three little petrified skulls on fore-head sing

Aargh kak! Red-robe Horn-head
Bloody bulging eye guy with the slit pupils

Aargh kak! Why the fuck he still here?
Kill stupid, skinny naked white guy

Aargh kak! Big demon beast come now now
Ah... Everybody bow down!

Jeez! Really need to place my penis in her mouth
This is not as easy as it looks, that fire's hot!
But only a juice boost from my incredible edible genitals protein
Will give her the power to escape these terrible savages
Wait... Whoa! Flame low... Ok go!
Drop-stop... Ho! Pump... Throat thump
Quick bust, big gush... uuh!

...Mission complete (bleep!)

Return to head quarters and go to sleep...
Princess gasp, eyes roll back, spine-flex
Voodoo Boogie-woogie-shimmy-shimmy-shake
Boom-bam! Leap over flame bright red
Boing-boing! Bounce on dead heads like bed

Demon Beast 666 out alter come
Hey! where virgin sacrefice huh?
You will pay... aaargh... Demon Beast talk! Don't run away!
Hell-rays zap from eyes of pet devil cat

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