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​S.E.P. (Self Extinction Project)

This song is by Wastefall and appears on the album Soulrain 21 (2004).

There is the need
To look up to someone else
The need to crown a king

It's solitude
The mirror lies its way to me
Never look...-so stupid-

You disrespect
You waste yourselves in
Oldsweat dreams
You kill to recreate
But there's no way back

A journey's vain
Questions asked when reason lacks
Where to find myself?
But who am I to ask?

You! Tell me how
Will it end. This war with myself is obsessive
Tell me where
Should I seek for a sky that is not so depressing
Tell me when
Will it start so I won't be so sure that has ended
Tell me why
Don't you speak? Now I need you the most!