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In Through The Out Door

This song is by Wasted Case.

Leave me behind, I'll be fine,
I'll fight my way through the crowd,
I'll meet you on the outside,
With swolen knuckles,
I'll see you when I get out

We got this far, we, the misfits,
The ones that "wouldn't go anywhere",
Now we're here, the next step has to be taken,
I'm just scared that I'll never move on,
We can't stay here, it would be wrong,
Once again, it's all up to you...


Its up to you, plan your next move carefully or you might just lose me,
Maybe that's what you're trying to do,
I don't wanna be lost, but you're holding the cards,
I can't choose my fate,
I'll just sit back and fall,
Take it for better or worse
I'll just fall back and sit down,
Pretend I never heard...

I'm tired of waking up and hating where I am, but waking up somewhere else, would be twice as bad as this

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