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This song is by Wasted Case.

The air is cold in February, but that shouldn't bother you,
'Cause I love feelin' empty, And I love feelin' used

Welcome to my soul, we hope you enjoy your stay,
The bar stays open all the time at the broken heart parade,
So you can get intoxicated while not thinkin' 'bout me,
I'm not gonna pretend I'm okay,
I'm gonna show you how hard this is for me,

How did you find your way here? I was sure you never would,
I created this place, to keep you away from me for good,
You better leave before you break somethin' else,
This whole place is made of ice,
It's too cold for your warm eyes

Through the ashes made from smashed up icicles, I see a goddess who deserves more than me,
Through the windows you smashed with icicles, Its looking blurry, like stars on the sea
I'm not keeping a secret, I really cannot tell you what you want to know
I can't tell you what I see,
It's not clear enough for me

The air is cold where you are, but its even colder here,
Because you're not with me, because you're not near

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