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This song is by Washington Projects and appears on the compilation Freedom (2010).

They take, they steal, they rob, they kill. They only care about them, they only care about them. They trade, they slave, they dig their graves. They only care about them, they only care about. They got they guns, they run up in the place, snatch a young girl then they put her in some lace. Little girl gotta grow up, fast slave fast trade no time to throw up. Broken and weak, life on the street, it's a cold cold world so she prays for the heat. No time to sleep, no time to eat, the blood runs down as it drops on the beat, go.

I fall when you fall, and I cry when you cry. Keep praying for Justus. Keep faith in the Lord, and your head to the sky. We're praying for justice. Lord is there a time?

She thinks no one can bring her peace, no one can stop her from running everyday, no one will stop them from coming anyway. We can't begin to imagine all the pain. Oh but we know there's a way, if we pray, that he'll come to her rescue, please come to her rescue today. 'Cause he cares more than we ever could. She's so strong, just hold on.

Oh, Backtrack, think back, 4, 5, 6,7,8 years old. Never even seen a playground so cold. No hugs and no kisses and no hand to hold. Can't believe the world could even be like this, and can't believe the evil that we let exist. But it's so true, for 5, 6, 7, 8 years to now.

3, 2, 1 Johnny found a gun, he pulled it out quick and attempted to run. But he wasn't quick enough for the slave master, his little feet just couldn't go no faster. He asks ya - Do you know my name? And can you imagine my pain? My family and friends, all gone away, the blood in my veins hits the earth like the rain.

Time is runnin' out, where did we go wrong? How we gonna make it through? They can't be that strong. Ain't no time to think about what we gonna do. Be the change you want to see, you know they're counting on you oh oh.

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