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In My Life

This song is by Warren Haynes and appears on the live album Live At Bonnaroo (2004).

I can' save you - but I can talk you down
I can hold you - but I won't watch you drown
In my life - things have a way of growing downward
And I don't know if I can watch myself be a coward

I don't know you like I thought I did
But I will show you things that I kept hid
In my life - I've always been the one that had to ruin things
So I don't know - like some dark angel pulling on my heart strings

In my life - things have a kind of ragged beauty
And I don't seem to know right from wrong
Or so they say - unless it's happening to me

People change - I don't know what for
Strangers walking in and out my door
Something's got to change - the past just hangs here to remind me
One of these mornings - I'll reach for you
and find me

I have told you - I won't watch you drown
I can't save you - but I will be around

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