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​River Church

This song is by Warcloud.

Original video
Surgeons remove the bullet from your head and bandage the wound
The ocean crashes in, you die the next afternoon
A tunnel stretches seventeen miles, the thickest cave
Law enforcement agents and scientists search for Neolithic age
I hunt androids which are no longer useful, the first planet is mercury
Nobody no crime, a plane stands still vertically
You vanish while fighting in Word War I
I fire a large shell, vast distances, extreme weather
An imposing landscape shapes the lives
Of those who come under the Robot Tank's spell
A man invents a club for killers and convinces his friend to join
By brutally murdering a drifter
An MC is eliminated by assassination
After a dark enforcer reveals some information
You're after two 38's that blasted Satan
The crowd must locate the super villain in a crowded mall
Into the lion's den with you all
There was a statue that was built very tall
But at the time of an earthquake it falls
At night wooden castles from the wooden ages disappear
People use deadly substances to alter consciousness
I die standing up laughing stabbed by five spears
A steam ship vanishes in the storm, just then your crown bled
Disaster after gun, the sunset down and tinder town was then found dead

(Chorus x2: Holocaust)
The rebellious nature of good, a ghost like the river
The house in the woods, the Robot Tank, the winner
Dragons thunder across the countryside in a ring
Abraham Lincoln in the flying spying machine

The Robot Tank, the Hulk in white African war paint
The wings of death savage battles like many Indian river bank
They fly an empty passenger plane down at me
No truths here, let response
Futuristic threats potential for accidental nuclear weapon launch
A corpse found on the railroad tracks is identified as four people, why?
Death returns to claim the lives of those who did not die
A bounty hunter sneaks aboard the ship to capture the river
Gold from defeated countries, the prisoners are shipped upon the war machine at winter
Immigrants record adventures and heartache to remember
A lethal virus is stolen from the biological research institute hither
People hide in a house from walking corpses revived by radiation fallout
A house dog becomes violent with his owner, from the dog house
Billy Gates works as a hypnotist and an accountant
They say cave dwellers known as gods who once roamed the mountain
A woman suspects that her daughter's imaginary friend is ghost haunting their new home
Garden of dead, a ghost like the river, a dark red apple from Rome

Escaped convicts force a way into your home, race to the South Pole
A wolf eats a caribou, crash above your head like flights coal
Sent out on a mission to uncover a stash of ancient riches
The executioner's daughter joins an outlaw who escaped death on Christmas
Precognitive vision, MCs died from the hells of physics
The Devil you know must escape from a resembling Hell prison
Millions of people seemingly vanish from an Island
An actress' ageless beauty puzzles a mystery writer, a gun tyrant
I fight in medieval England with the chainsaw spilling your life
A man sees himself on television killing his wife
An ancient magician drafts Bruce Banner as an assistant
More than two thousand civil war battles take place west of a village
Twenty people hang or are tortured to death for the craft of witches
A Chinese peasant finds a coin in a land of riches
A man walks through fire, falling can't fly
You desire harm, your work is slipping
Leonardo da Vinci developed an early firearm