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Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep (2002)Edit

Warcloud - Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep

Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep

  1. America
  2. Island of Dr. Warcloud
  3. Ghost Pirates (Old Los Angeles)
  4. Strawberry Creme (Champagne)
  5. Smack This Bitch
  6. The Beer Song
  7. Old Toy Room (A Pie in the Window)
  8. Vicious Killer Beez
  9. The Renaissance
  10. In the Hall of the Warrior King
  11. Channel Warcloud
  12. Mad Axes
  13. Mics, Turntables, Spray Cans & Records
  14. Falling Hammer
  15. Fever Dream
  16. Stay Wit It

Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard (2002)Edit

Warcloud - Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard

Smuggling Booze In The Graveyard

  1. Dark City Choozer
  2. Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard
  3. The Trap Door
  4. Castle Freak of Bone Romania
  5. The Mighty King of Swords
  6. The Last Hovering Castle
  7. Battleship Starship Warcloud Shake'spear Cliff
  8. 9 Days of Wine & Roses
  9. Shuffle Heavy Gun-Powder-Keg
  10. Lost Soldier of Wu-Tang
  11. Vampire Kung-Fu
  12. Howling Wolves
  13. Sleepwalker Drive-In Theater
  14. The Dead Man and His Stepson
  15. On the High Side of the Sky
  16. Angry Men From the Graveyard
  17. Gun-Low-Stance
  18. Bloodline

The Holocaust (2006)Edit

Blue Sky Black Death & Warcloud - The Holocaust

The Holocaust

  1. Plunder
  2. Twilight Zone
  3. We Are All Well Known
  4. What Can the Matter Be
  5. God Be With You
  6. Monarchs
  7. No Image
  8. The Ocean
  9. Sinister
  10. Smoking Room
  11. Lady of the Birds
  12. The Worst
  13. Killer Moth
  14. Wing to Wingfeather
  15. Crash

Nightmares Resurface (2008)Edit

  1. The Dead Man & His Stepson
  2. Bats Fly in the Rain
  3. Sweeping Bullet Shells
  4. Get It Right
  5. All in Your World
  6. Midnight in the Garden of Good
  7. Original Holocaust Articles

Songs Featuring WarcloudEdit

(with Black Knights)

(with Da Monstar Mob)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. My Rhyme
  2. Door Gunner
  3. Mega Ultra Raw
  4. Bats N' Apple Soup
  5. Bluntz, Martinez, Girlz, & Gunz
  6. Bluntz, Martiniz, Girlz & Gunz (Premix)
  7. Crash Course
  8. Death or Glory
  9. Emcee Escape Evasion
  10. Hole in the Sky
  11. Holocaustal Period
  12. No Image:All I Need
  13. No Image:All the Same
  14. No Image:Bitch Song
  15. No Image:Confess
  16. No Image:Distant Lives
  17. No Image:For Once
  18. No Image:January
  19. No Image:Loner Kid
  20. No Image:Never Ending
  21. No Image:The Girl I Call Friend
  22. No Image:The Night All My Prayers Were Answered
  23. No Image:Tion
  24. No Image:You Wouldn't Know Its Summer
  25. Purple Hearts
  26. River Church
  27. Rumors of War
  28. Sewer Rats
  29. Stone Boneyard
  30. The Persistance of Memory
  31. The Sign of Hell's Winter
  32. UGHH in Store Freestyle 1
  33. Unreleased (DJ Swarm)

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Warcloud is a performance name for Anthony Creston Brown.

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AlcatrazAnthony BrownHolocaustThe HolocaustRobot Tank

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