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This song is by Wangel and appears on the EP Eternal History (2015).

Counting days, I'm walking backwards
Shameless truth took me flying
Eat my pills, I'm sure it won't break me apart
I hold my head up

Sweetest dream I'm cured, A work of art
Love can change, why wouldn't you recall
The golden chance is based on bigger things
I will lay my eyes on

Far away now, I feel the distance
Take me with you unknowing
You can show me how to be in control
In time I'll catch up

This is real I'm sure words will last
Love will fade, why couldn't we resolve it
The golden chance is based on bigger things
I will keep on chasing

Just let me go with it
I can show you how much I'll try
Let me join and let's not give in
Cheating time
Don't think that we fit that case
Yeah, the first move was to settle
Screaming the joy of my life
Now I'm ready
I think the time has come

Though I'm fronting
The greatest wall, How can I climb?
I need to be strong, how can I defend myself
Carry on


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