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Life in the Jungle (1990)Edit

Walter Trout - Life In The Jungle

Life In The Jungle

  • (as Walter Trout Band)
  1. Good Enough to Eat
  2. The Mountain Song
  3. Life in the Jungle
  4. Spacefish
  5. Red House
  6. She's Out There Somewhere
  7. Frederica (I Don't Need You)
  8. In My Mind
  9. Cold Cold Feeling
  10. Serve Me Right to Suffer

Prisoner of a Dream (1991)Edit

Walter Trout - Prisoner of a Dream

Prisoner of a Dream

  • (as Walter Trout Band)
  1. Prisoner of a Dream
  2. The Love That We Once Knew
  3. Sweet as a Flower
  4. Love in Vain
  5. Victor the Cajun
  6. Girl from the North Country
  7. False Alarm
  8. Say Goodbye to the Blues
  9. You're the One
  10. Earrings on the Table
  11. Tribute to Muddy Waters

No More Fish Jokes (1992)Edit

Walter Trout - No More Fish Jokes

No More Fish Jokes

  • (as Walter Trout Band)
  1. Dust My Broom
  2. If You Just Try
  3. False Alarm
  4. Life in the Jungle
  5. Girl from the North Country
  6. Victor the Cajun
  7. Earrings on the Table
  8. Motivation of Love
  9. Playing with Gloves On
  10. The Love That We Once Knew
  11. Prisoner of a Dream
  12. Going Down

Transition (1992)Edit

Walter Trout - Transition


  • (as Walter Trout Band)
  1. Motivation of Love
  2. Endless Variety
  3. Transition
  4. Running in Place
  5. Deeper Shade of Blue
  6. Got to Kill the Monkey
  7. Face the Night
  8. Playing with Gloves On
  9. She's Missing
  10. Fast Moving Traffic

Tellin' Stories (1994)Edit

Walter Trout - Tellin' Stories

Tellin' Stories

  • (as Walter Trout Band)
  1. I Can Tell
  2. Tremble
  3. Wanna See the Morning
  4. I Need to Belong
  5. Runnin' Blues
  6. On the Rise
  7. Time for Movin' On
  8. Head Hung Down
  9. Please Don't Go
  10. Tellin' Stories
  11. Somebody's Cryin'
  12. Take Care of Yo' Business

Breaking the Rules (1995)Edit

Walter Trout - Breaking The Rules

Breaking The Rules

  • (as Walter Trout Band)
  1. To Begin Again
  2. How Much Do You Want
  3. Under My Skin
  4. Like a Stranger
  5. Surrounded By Eden
  6. Breaking the Rules
  7. The Reason I'm Gone
  8. I Don't Wanna Be Lonely
  9. Put It Right Back
  10. Lady Luck
  11. Watch Her Dance

Positively Beale St. (1997)Edit

Walter Trout - Positively Beale St.

Positively Beale St.

  • aka Walter Trout (1998)
  1. Got a Broken Heart
  2. Obstacles in My Way
  3. One Way Street
  4. Tender Heart
  5. Come Home
  6. Marie's Mood
  7. Hardtime Blues
  8. In Love With You Again
  9. Don't Worry About It
  10. Song of a Wanderer
  11. Temptation
  12. Walkin' in the Rain
  13. If You Ever Change Your Mind
  14. Jules Well
  15. Let Me Be the One
  16. Boo

Livin' Every Day (1999)Edit

Walter Trout - Livin' Every Day

Livin' Every Day

  1. Livin' Every Day
  2. Let Me Know
  3. Playing With A Losin' Hand
  4. Sweet Butterfly (Sophie's Song)
  5. I Thought I Heard The Devil
  6. Through The Eyes Of Love
  7. Nothin' But The Blues
  8. City Man
  9. Fool For Love
  10. Say What You Mean
  11. Apparitions
  12. Junkyard In Your Eyes
  13. The Love That We Once Knew
  14. Prisoner Of A Dream

Live Trout (2000)Edit

Walter Trout - Live Trout

Live Trout

  • (as Walter Trout & The Free Radicals)
CD 1
  1. I Can Tell
  2. Walkin' in the Rain
  3. Say What You Mean
  4. The Reason I'm Gone
  5. Come Home
  6. Walter Speaks
  7. Livin' Every Day
  8. Let Me Know
CD 2
  1. Finally Gotten Over You
  2. Gotta Broken Heart
  3. Walter Speaks Again
  4. I Shall Be Released
  5. Serve Me Right to Suffer
  6. Good Enough to Eat

Go the Distance (2001)Edit

Walter Trout - Go the Distance

Go the Distance

  • (as Walter Trout & The Radicals)
  1. Love So Deep
  2. Outta Control
  3. Lookin' for the Promised Land
  4. Ride 'Till I'm Satisfied
  5. Go the Distance
  6. Message on the Doorway
  7. Faithful
  8. Down to You
  9. Bugle Billie
  10. Gotta Leave This Town
  11. I Don't Want My MTV
  12. Doin' Just Fine
  13. Always Been a Dreamer

Relentless (2003)Edit

Walter Trout - Relentless


  • (as Walter Trout & The Radicals)
  1. I'm Tired
  2. The Life I Chose
  3. Jericho Road
  4. Work No More
  5. Talk to Ya
  6. Cry If You Want To
  7. Chatroom Girl
  8. My Heart Is True
  9. Lonely Tonight
  10. Helpin' Hand
  11. Collingswood
  12. Empty Eyes
  13. The Best You Got
  14. Mercy

Deep Trout (2005)Edit

Walter Trout - Deep Trout

Deep Trout

  1. Put It Right Back
  2. The Love That We Once Knew
  3. How Much Do You Want
  4. Sweet as a Flower
  5. Victor the Cajun
  6. Kill the Monkey
  7. Earrings on the Table
  8. Fast Moving Traffic
  9. Love in Vain
  10. Motivation of Love
  11. If You Just Try
  12. Tribute to Muddy Waters
  13. Life in the Jungle
  14. Big Chain
  15. So Sad to Be Lonely

Full Circle (2006)Edit

Walter Trout - Full Circle

Full Circle

  1. She Takes More Than She Gives (featuring John Mayall)
  2. Working Overtime (featuring Jeff Healey)
  3. Firehouse Mama (featuring Eric Sardinas)
  4. Who's Listenin' In (featuring Coco Montoya)
  5. Slap Happy (featuring Junior Watson)
  6. Wrapped Around Your Finger (featuring Guitar Shorty)
  7. A Busy Man (featuring James Harman)
  8. Highway Song (featuring John Mayall)
  9. When Will It Ever Change (featuring Bernard Allison)
  10. Can't Help Falling Apart (featuring Finis Tasby)
  11. After Hours (featuring Deacon Jones)
  12. Clouds On The Horizon (featuring Joe Bonamassa)
  13. Full Circle (featuring Larry Keene)

Hardcore (2007)Edit

Walter Trout - Hardcore


  • (as Walter Trout Power Trio)
  1. Leave This Town
  2. Tellin' Stories
  3. Finally Gotten Over You
  4. Gimme Back My Wig
  5. The Reason I'm Gone
  6. Not Fade Away
  7. Channeling Neil Young
  8. Sittin on Top of the World
  9. Tribute to Muddy Waters

The Outsider (2008)Edit

Walter Trout - The Outsider

The Outsider

  1. Welcome To The Human Race
  2. The Next Big Thing
  3. All My Life
  4. The Love Song Of J. Alfred Bluesrock
  5. Don't Wanna Fall
  6. Child Of Another Day
  7. Turn Your Eyes To Heaven
  8. The Restless Age
  9. Gone Too Long
  10. A Matter Of The Heart
  11. Can't Have It All
  12. Sanjay
  13. The Outsider

Unspoiled by Progress (2009)Edit

Walter Trout - Unspoiled by Progress

Unspoiled by Progress

  1. They Call Us The Working Class
  2. Goin' Down
  3. Life In The Jungle
  4. Long Tall Sally
  5. Jimmy As Yoko
  6. Somebody's Acting Like A Child
  7. Hey Barney
  8. Sweet As A Flower
  9. Two Sides To Every Story
  10. Finally Gotten Over You
  11. Goin' Back Home
  12. Marie's Mood
  13. She's Out There Somewhere
  14. So Afraid Of The Darkness

Common Ground (2010)Edit

Walter Trout - Common Ground

Common Ground

  1. Maybe a Fool
  2. Open Book
  3. Her Other Man
  4. Common Ground
  5. Danger Zone
  6. Hudson Had Help
  7. Loaded Gun
  8. Song for My Guitar
  9. Eyes of a Child
  10. No Regrets
  11. Wrapped Up in the Blues
  12. Excess Baggage

Blues for the Modern Daze (2012)Edit

Walter Trout - Blues for the Modern Daze

Blues for the Modern Daze

  1. Saw My Mama Cryin'
  2. Lonely
  3. The Sky Is Fallin' Down
  4. Blues for My Baby
  5. You Can't Go Home Again
  6. Recovery
  7. Turn Off Your TV
  8. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
  9. Never Knew You Well
  10. Puppet Master
  11. Money Rules the World
  12. All I Want Is You
  13. Brother's Keeper
  14. Blues for the Modern Daze
  15. Pray for Rain

Luther's Blues: A Tribute to Luther Allison (2013)Edit

Walter Trout-Luther's Blues - A Tribute to Luther Allison

Luther's Blues: A Tribute to Luther Allison

  • (as Walter Trout & His Band)
  1. I'm Back
  2. Cherry Red Wine
  3. Move from the Hood
  4. Bad Love
  5. Big City
  6. Chicago
  7. Just As I Am
  8. Low Down and Dirty
  9. Pain in the Streets
  10. All the King's Horses
  11. Freedom
  12. Luther Speaks
  13. When Luther Played the Blues

The Blues Came Callin' (2014)Edit

Walter Trout - The Blues Came Callin'

The Blues Came Callin'

  1. Wastin' Away
  2. The World Is Goin' Crazy (And So Am I)
  3. The Bottom of the River
  4. Take a Little Time
  5. The Whale Have Swallowed Me
  6. Willie
  7. Mayall's Piano Boogie (featuring John Mayall)
  8. Born in the City
  9. Tight Shoes
  10. The Blues Came Callin' (featuring John Mayall)
  11. Hard Time
  12. Nobody Moves Me Like You Do

Battle Scars (2015)Edit

Walter Trout - Battle Scars

Battle Scars

  1. Almost Gone
  2. Omaha Prelude
  3. Omaha
  4. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away
  5. Please Take Me Home
  6. Playin' Hideaway
  7. Haunted by the Night
  8. Fly Away
  9. Move On
  10. My Ship Came In
  11. Cold, Cold Ground
  12. Gonna Live Again
  13. Things Ain't What They Used to Be (digital download bonus)
  14. Hell to Pay (digital download bonus)

Alive in Amsterdam (2016)Edit

Walter Trout - Alive in Amsterdam

Alive in Amsterdam

CD 1
  1. Marie's Introduction
  2. Play the Guitar
  3. Help Me
  4. I'm Back
  5. Say Goodbye to the Blues
  6. Almost Gone
  7. Omaha
  8. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away
  9. Playin' Hideaway
  10. Haunted by the Night
CD 2
  1. Fly Away
  2. Please Take Me Home
  3. Rock Me Baby
  4. Marie's Mood
  5. Serve Me Right to Suffer
  6. The Love That We Once Knew

We're All in This Together (2017)Edit

Walter Trout - We're All in This Together

We're All in This Together

  1. Gonna Hurt Like Hell (featuring Kenny Wayne Shepherd)
  2. Ain't Goin' Back (featuring Sonny Landreth)
  3. The Other Side of the Pillow (featuring Charlie Musselwhite)
  4. She Listens to the Blackbird Sing (featuring Mike Zito)
  5. Mr. Davis (featuring Robben Ford)
  6. The Sky Is Crying (featuring Warren Haynes)
  7. Somebody Goin' Down (featuring Eric Gales)
  8. She Steals My Heart Away (featuring Edgar Winter)
  9. Crash and Burn (featuring Joe Louis Walker)
  10. Too Much to Carry (featuring John Németh)
  11. Do You Still See Me At All (featuring Jon Trout)
  12. Got Nothin' Left (featuring Randy Bachman)
  13. Blues For Jimmy T. (featuring John Mayall)
  14. We're All In This Together (featuring Joe Bonamassa)

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