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Circus Money

This song is by Walter Becker and appears on the album Circus Money (2008).

They bang the hammer and they pitch the tents
Throw up some posters for the residents
Your daddy's footfalls on the rain-slicked streets
You try to keep up with your tiny feets
Take it easy baby nice and slow
Little Walter's got a ways to go
I lacks a nickel momma don't you know
Circus money for the early show

The tiger's sleeping and he can't wake up
You pitch some pennies in a paper cup
They guess your age — they guess your weight
You toss the softballs at the china plates
Hold'er steady baby there you go
Let me hit you honey sweet and low
Thus the tab is written blow by blow
Circus money for the evening show

All the horses baby all the men
Round the circle and around again
You watch some hobo take a nasty spill
Laugh like a bastard oh you know you will
You got to have it when you first walk up
You drop a dollar in the old tin cup
You're gonna need it when it's time to go
Circus money for the late late show

Written by:

Walter Becker

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