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Eric Fucked His Sister's Tits

This song is by Walrus Man And Mighty Tighty Rhymefish.

What the hell's that got to do with molding a penis?
I was like, you could like shoot it -- shoot it, and then like you know, do a video, and like, do some funny music.
Play it, Chris.
You could make it a music video.
This is the night of insult songs.
Jacob's song? So wait, what...
All right, here we go.

Let me tell you this story, it's about a guy named Eric
One day, Eric got a job at Arby's
Another day, he got fired from that job at Arby's
He had no place to stay
Good thing his sister had an apartment, she let him stay for free
Until she said, "Eric, I want you to titty-fuck me"
"But I don't want you. But I don't want to titty-fuck you. You're my sister."
"Eric, do you want to pay rent or titty-fuck me?"
"Oh, I guess I have no choice, since I don't have a job."
"Fuck me, bitch."
"Okay, sister."

So Eric took his pants off
Then he took his sister's shirt off
He laid her down on her futon
And slapped that dick in between her two floppy tits
He squeezed them together
They tingled his jolly
She liked it
He liked it
They're titty-fuckers
They're siblings
Kinda sick
But you gotta do what you gotta do
When you get fired for stealing a humongous sandwich
Not paying for it
Cheese, chicken, roast beef
"How you paying for that Eric?"
"I wasn't going to."
"You're fired, bitch."
Titty-fucked his sister for a place to sleep at night

Eric fucked his sister's tits do do
Eric fucked his sister's tits, sister's tits, sister's tits
Eric fucked his sister's tits and came all over her fucking face!
He came all over that bitch's face!


Eric likes this.
No I don't, I hate it.
It's just the truth, my bro.

Titty-fucker, titty-fucker,
He's a titty-titty-titty-titty-titty-fucker
And took pictures of it, right?
You can find it at...

Under the title, "Eric Fucked His Sister's Tits"

Eric, are you sick to your stomach?
It's unpleasant to hear that song. Gotta hear it over and over.
When you're an old man and you die, we'll play this at your funeral.
What about when we have to play it live?
But we need somebody to play bass.
I'll just let you play bass, I'll have your guitar.

Why do you think he has that key
That's on his keyring today?
He got it for fucking that bitch's tits
Fucking that bitch's tits
On a goddamn futon
That cum stain's from Eric
He came on her face
She turned her head, it dripped on the bed
Oopsie, oopsie, oopsie

"Fuck my titties again, brother."
"Okay, sister."
"Let me fuck them titties
Flop it on my cock
Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it
Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it"
"Why does it look like a pancake?"
"Why? I don't know, why don't you tell me."
"Cum on my face, cum on my face, cum on my nipples, lick it off."
"I don't wanna lick it off."
"But you don't pay rent."

All right, that's enough, Eric. Let's listen to it.
That's enough, Eric.

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