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This song is by Wallis Bird and appears on the album Wallis Bird (2012).

You were the swan
And still beautiful
Even when
You opened your beak
To speak
Where are you now
Flying away

You once told me
When stood on a bridge
Swans stay together
Forever and ever
And I cheesily said
We'd be birds of a feather
'Cause you once said
You'd take my name

But now
I'm polarised
Yet our magnets
Are polarised

The sound of your wings
Beating in flight
The sound of my heart
Pounding my chest with so
But I wished I was,
Wished I was...

And I don't wanna touch anyone
Don't want to kiss, don't want to hug
Don't wanna speak, don't want to love
Don't wanna sleep, I wanna wake up
With you

And our magnets
Are polarised
And our magnets
Are polarised
Yeah, our magnets
Are polarised

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