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LaLa Land

This song is by Wallis Bird and appears on the album New Boots (2009).

I must be looking for a change, a different point of view
And if you'd only stop, cryin cryin cryin cryin
I could start respectin you
I must be lookin' for a revelation, get us in the mood
I cut my fingers from tryin', tryin', tryin' tryin'
Always startin something new

I got some people to see, they're educatin my brain
They say I'm livin' in la la land
And when I've paved my way
My conscience sneak in the door
I got my horses in la la land
Whatever weather that comes, Whatever happens to me
I got a needle in la la land
I'm gonna pave my way
And get my foot in the door
I've got my horses in la la land X 10

I shoulda, woulda, coulda came
Instead of sittin' in my room
Instead of multiplyin same same fuck up game
Scared of winnin', scared to lose
I must be lookin' for a... companion
It doesn't matter who
As long as everyone is livin' in, livin' in sin
As long as I can play with you

Way down the sea, way down on me

(Chorus) I've got some people in la la land

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