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Everyone Aboard (2003)Edit

Everyone Aboard
Everyone Aboard
  1. The Show Is Free
  2. Get Up
  3. Just Drive
  4. Forgive Me (For Giving A Damn)
  5. Raining On The Moon
  6. Right Here Beside Me
  7. North Dakota Boy
  8. I Am Ready
  9. Empty Man
  10. Lay Me Down
  11. I Am
  12. Heroes In The Sun
  13. Sister Chardonnay

Doc Walker (2006)Edit

Doc Walker
Doc Walker
  1. Maria
  2. Trying To Get Back To You
  3. My Life
  4. What Do You See
  5. That Train
  6. I'm Just Gone
  7. Driving With The Brakes On
  8. Keri
  9. Remedy
  10. Comes A Time
  11. I'm Alright
  12. Your Mama Don't Know

Curve (2007)Edit

  1. Whoever Made Those Rules
  2. Dreaming Out Loud
  3. Rocket Girl
  4. She Hasn't Always Been This Way
  5. Boston
  6. Lonesome On'ry & Mean
  7. Call Me A Fool
  8. I'm Just Waiting
  9. Son Of Daniel
  10. You Can Do That To Me
  11. That's Just Me

Beautiful Life (2008)Edit

Beautiful Life
Beautiful Life
  1. Beautiful Life
  2. Echo Road
  3. That's All
  4. Angry Heart
  5. One Last Sundown
  6. On The Heels Of A Heartache
  7. Annabelle
  8. A Little Love Along The Way
  9. Without Your Love
  10. Stay Brave

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Coming Home
  2. Dancin' All Night
  3. Forgive Me
  4. From Here
  5. I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
  6. If I Fall
  7. She's My Remedy
  8. Speed Of Life
  9. The Hard Way
  10. This Is My Life (And I'm Alright)
  11. Who Ever Made Those Rules

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