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Who I Am

This song is by Wali Da Great.

You know what I'm saying it's going down, its wali da great king of the south, it's the take over you all don't know my name, naw talkin' about, new king of the south y'all gonna know who I am, naw talkin' about get turned up, get lit

Boys talking, but they don't know who I am (2x)
I'm the new king of the south, so stop talking about your mouth shawty 'cause I run atl

Look man its Wali Da great, everybody wanna be talking they run south in reality they running their mouth
I'm new to the game, but true to the game, you boys talking
About you wanna hear street bangaz, here is one for y'all. I'm putting all rappers to shame, I'm aiming for the fame
I'm aiming to make all y'all rappers look lame once I come in
This game it ain't gonna be the same, listen to this track
You gonna remember my name 'cause I gotta rip this mic
To show I'm the truth like babe ruth.I'm the type of dude to go
Crazy call me the black slim shady (ha!) I always, grind and hustle I ain't ever been lazy.My pockets full of bankrolls 'cause
I make dat do's and smoke dat dro's rip to bankhead legend
Shawty lo, dat wias my partner, man I'm gonna miss him.But
I gotta move on. I let y'all hataz know who I am, who I be
'Cause I'm a straight up g, dreams of being on TV all atl fuck with me.No time for cat that act fake, if you want a rapper act fake
Listen to drake 'cause I'm real and I'm all about my cake
Catch me on your block, flippin all white rock wit a bad bitch
Sucking my cock a nigga want beef I pull dat Glock
I won't stop 'cause I'm head straight to the top

Hold up mayne I'm the new king being broke ain't my thang
Its time for me to take this game over 'cause I am spittin' fire
Like a gasoline hittin meth like a crack feme spittin' for
Dem boys who still sell green ad.nd they feel mean 'cause
I m da hottest rapper in atl scene, best you ain't seen
I'm holding it down 16 bars on the track you gotta know
Wali da great ain't wack, I'm a underground legend that
Ain't been found, rollin' on 28's wit a pound
If you ain't know I run a-town, I'm sellin nickels and dimes
All my bitches dimes, I'm dropping dope rhythmes, I keep Glocks
And nines, my whips 29's I gotz grind and gets mine so I can shine payin' all my fines I ain't never gonna wine

See I done seen the dark days now I aiming for the bright dayz
Where I be eating good and feeling good get my family out
The hood live life I should.My album can sell half a mill wit no deal, 'cause boyz in my hood know my music trill and I keep it real
I'm the coldest to ever grab the mic, it's what the hood like, took a vacaction learn from my past, poppin' sweata like a deata
Giving props to my pops for keeping my head high I want atlanta listen to me like ti, 'cause you know I stay fly.boyz gotta hear me mayne, boyz gotta feel me mayne for the 2k17 I'm the ish, my music should be number one on your list

(Wali Da Great shouting out da dope boyz!)

Aye one time shawty wali da great atl west side zone 1 bankhead made a hit

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