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​It's Not Enough

This song is by Waco Brothers and appears on the album Electric Waco Chair (2000).

Can you be the last one standing as the surface
Of the earth melts like a chocolate bar
Just throw me out with the garbage
'Cause I'll never get that far
Bury me in the street
Scatter me like beads of mercury
Have me stuffed just like Trigger
Or pickled for a souvenir
My paint is peeling, my nails all rust
At the peak of my popularity
I'm crumbling into dust
It's not enough x4

Entertaining, mesmerizing, collapsing as we speak
I left my clothes all neatly folded
Now I'm heading up the creek
Past the university of boredom
To the shrunkenhead bar and grill
The death wish casino, paradise garage sale
On the deck of the wreck of the Mary Celeste
Where rock 'n' roll came to die
Trying to change the channel
As my life goes flashing by
It's not enough x4

My paint... Etc.