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Gangsta's Make The World Go Round

This song is by WC.

I am gettin' dizzy as the world keeps spinnin' like a frisbee
Gangsta's and girls make the world twirl
No hesitation, I can run a nation from incarceration
30 years is what I'm facin' but give me 7 seas and 11 G's

I make enough cheese to bring wall street to its knees
Nigga, please I got enough guns
To fill the Empire State Building full of 1's

Go to school is what you tell us
But nigga's in school is scared of the good fellas
We got the yayo, you can just say no
But nobody makes a fuckin' move until I say so

That's how it is and that's how it's gonna be
Kids, when you grow up who the fuck you wanna be?
Like me, yo' black superhero
Got enough zeros to hire Bob Shapiro

Yo' honor I'm have to get rid of you
Because it ain't no trivia about my flat in West Bolivia
I blew the jury a kiss, they rather dismiss
Them swim with the big fish, you fuckin' guppies

Gangsta's make the world go 'round

Not just saggin', wavin' my flag and never will I ease up
Nigga, so stop askin', see, I was taught as a tiny loc on the set
It's all about the pussy, your money, fuck the rest
Nigga, this tech is quicker to collect when I'm seekin' all the jewelry

The money so miss me with that preachin', teaching
Fuck all that bullshit, I want to slang yeah, like Noriaga
Sit back watch my paper collect like the I.R.S.
As I kick it with 50 bitches all on my dick just like the president

And like the police I want a gang of killers all on my side
That's down to lie more crooked that St. Ides rip ride on my behalf
As I call shots as if I was Saddam Hussein
Jackin' mothafuckas for Dana Danes, hated by many but I don't care
Because I rather be feared than loved with a pocket full of dubs

'Cause Gangsta gangsta's make the world go 'round
If you want a piece then you best to be down so quit chastising me
Analyzing me like the escorts look over your shoulder nigga
It's plain to see, crooked ass cowards

Gangstas make the world go 'round

360 degrees like my D's the world be spinning
Nigga's been sinning since the beginning
History's a trip so I peep when I'm reading
Nigga's probably grew weed in the garden of Eden

Before big ballin', sex cars and loot
It's like bitches been scandalous biting forbidden fruit
But gangsta's don't deal with that shit, on the Westside
And since they regulating hoes I roll with the best side
So check it as my lifetime is ticking

Coming up strong, licking and flipping chickens
Need cheese in amounts of G's
I gave up sports to slang key's but blamed it on my knees
Make sure I got what I need to make your order
Everything to baggies triple beams to jugs for my water

Like a snitch life's a bitch a world full of drama
Drug paraphernalia being found by my momma
Trauma brings the sad song, your mamma seems to search
Your way to killa king nigga
So now I stand with heat in my hand for my whole life span
'Cause evil lurks the land

Plus I got a packet with this gang-bang jacket
Gotta hold it keep it loaded devoted since quoted
Fo sho One-0 got the ups on these prankstas
While the world keep twisting as a Westside
Gangsta for life, nigga

Gangstas make the world go 'round
Gangstas make the world go 'round
Gangstas make the world go 'round
Gangstas make the world go 'round

Gangstas make the world go 'round
Gangstas make the world go 'round
Gangstas make the world go 'round


Written by:

Thom Bell; William Jr Calhoun; Linda Diane Creed; O'Shea Jackson; Dedrick Rolison; Cedrick Samson

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