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This song is by Vyncent Flaw and appears on the album The Self Titled EP (2005).

Rocking me screwing me you brought the pain
Was there any way to bring back the person to blame.
Because bringing that noize and the volume was pretty,
Fun for me, and fun for you,
But it's all the same.

POW! Take it or leave it if there's
Something wrong with the manual
Your warranty will cover the damage
Smash this mic into the wall
Please correct me if I'm wrong to
Stop this noise from getting louder
I'd hate to keep this sound so stale, but if its cold I'll make it hotter.

Attack when you hit the sound and just put that in the underground but you're never gunna see me come around and take back,
Then stop when I hit you witha.
I'm goin' where you're not allowed,
Like GREAT WHITE I ignite the crowd (get it? clever huh!)
Self centered so I'm never coming down.

You can't change you can't change
Cha change the station