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Wire Synapse

This song is by Vortech and appears on the album Infocalypse (2010).

Connect your body
A machine-made human analogue
Receive and process
Vital rules define your existence

Validate the outcome
A clear result must be obtained
Generate the outline
Execution of utmost priority

Post-op scans confirm the mission
Carried out with absolute precision
Deviations are not expected
For such is not even possible

Once the deed is completed
A recall to your station is executed
No thought runs through your mind
Under control and part of the hive


Ohjelmoitu mieli ilman oman ajatuksen häivää
Ei pyydä aivot tekemään muuta kuin käskettyä
Autuaan tietämätön, ei kerro silmät maailman menosta
Tähän koneeseen olet joutunut ja tulet olemaan osa sitä

Now I am, as one with the machine
Wired into the system

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