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Shattered Cities

This song is by Vortech and appears on the album Devoid Of Life (2012).

These volatile shells of life
Suspect is the level of hope
None of it beyond their eyes
As the surviving ones all cower in fear

Chaos sweeps the remaining world
Shattered cities left in the wake
Authority is no longer there
The final shield clatters in pieces

Tortured souls gaining no control
Mechanical bodies acting commandless
Eyes of terror is all they see
When they catch a glimpse in the mirror

Aware with screams within
Yet no sound is self-produced
Fragile agony is what you feel
As on the altar of death we kneel

Broken glass is your legacy
A matress of pain for his heresy
All that remains:
Shattered cities, barren plains

Trodden by the wind in the streets
Howling its inhuman note
Underscoring the current state
Gradual dehumanization

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