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This song is by Vortech and appears on the album Wasteland (2007).

Mushrooms of sickening slaughter
Their makers are the earth's own blighters
Burning through all man-made shelters
Bloody pulps of men and women shattered

More blasts are going on in the distance
Fire away to wipe out the resistance
Blinding waves of light in the distance
Feel the need to call for assistance

See the sky for a startling sighting
Grim and eerie turn of the fighting
Hundred thousand missiles and spearheads
Their sight is an unnerving appearance

Make your way to the nearest bunker
Run away from the nuclear barking
In a few seconds you will be dead
'Cause the bombs are all at your tread

The wheel of conclusion
Leveling the sands of life
Grains of what used to be
Split by the cycle of doom


The fate of humanity is to burn in the flame of truth
Reaching higher, engulfing our tears
Stripping away their masks
The soothing hand of Death is well within our doomed grasp