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Trouble With The Fix

This song is by VooDou and appears on the album The Blessing Of Curses (2000).

Come closer
Just to watch me fall
Pull me in
Push me further
Shove my face right into the dirt
To make sure you never get hurt
You're so abused
Well poor fucking you
You have nothing to lose
Simple pleasures cannot appease you
In a world where nothing can please you
Trying hard to make sense of it all
Looking for your lost little doll
So you're weak and you need me now
Well I don't need you right now

Go ahead and save yourself
Run as fast as razors
Soon enough you will be falling
That's the trouble with the fix you're pawning
Go ahead and save me now
Beaten, bruised and taunting
Finding strength in weakness now
That's the trouble when the treatments sour

Stop the clock
We watch each other
A solitary tear comes running down
Begging for forgiveness
I wash your fingers
Your sweat, I can feel it dripping down
Visualize your eyes as they look me over
Burning through my skin
I hear a thousand sounds
Mesmerize my senses
You smell forever
Dare to let you go
And you go crashing down

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