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Autopsy Extravaganza

This song is by Vomitory and appears on the album Primal Massacre (2004).

[Music: T Gustafsson, Lyrics: Dalegren]

Enter the Casket Inn
At the Body Farm mansion
Vacant coffins
Or body bags
Obituaries done in blood
No graves or crosses
Funeral orgies
In flesh and blood

Bonesaw, scalpel, pliers and a corpse
Bonesaw, scalpel, pleirs and a corpse
Carrion, body bags, caskets and blood
Carrion, body bags, caskets and blood

Perverted obsessions
Life eternal

Impaled torsos
As garden statues

A grotesque feast
Of human flesh and pus
Arouse by pain
A gateway to death
Madness reigns
At the climax of carnage
Life now ends
At the Body Farm mansion

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