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This Sea

This song is by Voltaire, features Julia Marcell and appears on the album To the Bottom of the Sea (2008).

"'Twas the worst of times for tinkers like you and me.
So in search of fortune I took to the sea."

"Round my neck, a key you said was to your heart.
Held it desperately as your ship left the dock."

I can't forget, I won't forgive this sea
For the endless hurt it gave to me.
I want to stab, I want to kill this sea.
Took you away, took you away from me.

"Silks from Singapore, a treasure from Tripoli for you.
And from Suvla Bay, I've scars for souvenirs."

"Love, your son was born. I wish you could see.
Eyes the same as yours and cries just like me."

"Years have passed - How many, I don't know anymore.
Lost adrift at sea, a storm comes. It's getting cold."

"I stand under moors searching a sea of blue
And forever more, I'll wait here for you."

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