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Make Up Your Mind (Rm.5)

This song is by Volcanoless in Canada and appears on the album The Way Forward (2009).

Break out the shakers
Through all of the scene
We're leaving the streets behind
There is bread for the taking
And hearts for the breaking
In places far and wide
Make up your mind...
Brother, wake up
Or be lost in the ticking of time
We're what we make up
Along with the break-ups
And all we can keep in mind

The bonds I build
Give way when I need them too
Save it for your memory wall
More, when you carried away
Every word deserved to me
Will rot
Waiting on a payment draw?
Waiting on your lovers' call?
Waiting, wasting, you

We weed out the fakers
Sometimes giving in is like leaving a peer to die
There are noe excuses
No time for the truces
Or contemplating why
Make up your mind, motherfucker
And be expecting the look in their eyes
Feed what you make up
I'll lead with the shake up
Of bring dreams to life
Oh the second verse
A little louder than the worst
Let it be face to face
We'll pick a time
Pick another place
Where... you wanna dance?
Wanna dance?
Wanna dance
I feel alright
Does it feel pretty good?
Benefactor to doom

So I'll call
I'll fail
I'll care
I'll feel this for you
Make up your mind

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