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​Alley In Tijuana

This song is by Viza and appears on the album Aria (2014).

So you wana see the world make your life better, now do the damn thing now baby 'cause you're a real go getter.
It's not that I think your not willing, can't do it or just don't wanna, but the way I see it lookin' for you baby, you'll end up in an alley in Tijuana.
God forbid you do,
I gotta come find you.
Clean you up and take you home.
Get you a new pair of shoes.
Why you spendin my money?
You got yourself a new caddy?
'Cause the way you actin' baby you don't need a man you need a daddy.

You'll end up in an alley in Tijuana.

Sneaking all round town with the wicked witch, keeping me up all night. Self destructive evil ways and I don't wanna put up a fight.

Why you taking all them Ménage à trois don't you know them diseases are scary. 130 miles an hour on the freeway girl, living in a whole in the cemetery.

You'll end up in an alley in Tijuana.