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Good Lookin'

This song is by Vitesse and appears on the album Back On Earth (1992).

I like to see the lipstick
I like the mascara 'round her eyes
I feel so romantic
I feel exactly what she likes

She's freakin' out on glamour
She might be showin' for a while
But she'll be tender to your handsome kinky smile

From the cool and groovy boys
To the heavy-duty nightclub toys
Are tryin' to be good lookin'
Everybody's so good, good lookin'
From the kids in the disco bars
To politicians and moviestars

She likes Marlon Brando
So much younger than today
Like Marilyn Monroe
Who's beauty was bound to stay

Are tryin' to be good lookin'
We are on a scene ruled by the graces
Of colours and shapes
Good, good lookin'

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