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The Amaranthine

This song is by Visceral Throne and appears on the album Omnipotent Asperity (2012).

Deception of inner being
Freed from the mortal mind
I am now eternal
Agonized in this human shell
I release myself from hell
The hell of this existence
Is upon us all
Free yourself from condemnation
You are now eternal
Awaiting eternal sleep
There are no visions from beyond
Look now, you will see
Your mind is your resting place

Feeding on the minds
Now afraid of eternal damnation
Feeding on the minds
Realize the truth inside you
Feeding on the minds
You hold the key to your existence
Feeding on the minds
No truth will ever resurrect you

Envision your mind freed from slavery
The slavery in your being
You should not fear eternal sleep
Embrace your loving end
Dreaming eternally
Now your forever sleep

Freed from the mortal coil
I shed my existence
Now at death's grip, eternally
I fear not this release
Freed from this mortal coil
I shed my existence
No fires of hell upon me

Ascend the Being
Lucid Eternally
My dreams are now immortal
Dead but in Ecstasy
No flames of the infernal
Beings from the book, the book that compromised your
Inner most being
Release yourself, you must now

Now at peace

Freed this mortal coil, I shed my existence

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