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Inherent Spiral Of The Human Continuum

This song is by Visceral Throne and appears on the album Omnipotent Asperity (2012).

Inherent in our bloodline
Humanity's decision reflects, one of non capability
Constant Conflict

Disease is spread through our own ignorance
Feeding on the minds of the higher kind
And the disease infested book transcribed

Feeding our lives to the God of War
Using us as puppets
Enslaved by the horde
This war will remain until those who lead
Are hung by their necks and the people are freed

Self inflicted wounds will never heal
When they are created and never revealed

Show the truth is hidden by the higher mass
Eventual ruin of the middle class

Staring through the decayed humanity
Individual freedom is everything
Rising from a bitter world
We will be indifferent no more
Eating the remains of what was our world
The powerful rise to overthrow

Reject the higher power
Free your mind from tyranny