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This song is by Visceral Throne and appears on the album Omnipotent Asperity (2012).

Destined for failure
Following the path of the gods
Constantly spiraling
Downward forever
They say
The darkest, before the dawn
When will the sun rise
On humanity's disguise

Infinitely suffering
Inside the minds of humanity

Seen from our ashes
Our history
Showing the failure of man
Displaced are our emotions to be
A failure, by our own hand

Look towards the heavens, towards the gods
Look for an answer above
Silence now floods your ears
An Epitaph for all man

A spiraled

Destined for the grave, inherently
Lusting for much more, religiously
Never to be filled, with fulfillment
Constant suffering, in the human mind

An Epitaph for the dead is carved into your flesh
Self mutilated victim from the suffering within
End the suffering of your life, see the colors fade
Fall into the black abyss where you eternally...

This is the final answer
The cure to all of your fears
Face your god or face nothing
That you will now see
Carved within your dead flesh
Your epitaph it now reads
A god I now have become
A god of lucid being

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