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Conceptual Metamorphosis

This song is by Visceral Throne and appears on the album Omnipotent Asperity (2012).

Your savior cradles you
You can't turn away from your Gods
The truth is too hard to see
This creation is too complex

To be created by one
Altered our being
From what should be gods

Should be gods
Now is jealous and spiteful with rage so divine
Enraptured by his majesty
The majesty in his absence

Vision of hell
Your fears of hell
Your fears are so clouded

Release your mind
Truth you'll find
You are all alone here

No Savior from this
Your unanswered prayer
Reveals your soul naked and bare
Your truth you found has left you
Perpetually bound to your personal hell
Conceptual Metamorphosis

Release the Chains of Gods that bind you
You shall be enlightened
In your own Metamorphosis
Freed from the laws of society