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Strangled And Sodomized

This song is by Visceral Disgorge and appears on the album Ingesting Putridity (2011).

I got an appetite for abduction.
Bitch should have said no.
Ripping her panties open, makes
My cock get swollen from hearing her scream.
Her tight virgin asshole will get filled with my cream.
Her face gets beaten and stuffed with cock, motherfucker.
She gurgles as I tighten my grip around her neck.
Fucking whore this is what you get, you were made to degrade.
Face turning blue as I shove my cock inside her asshole.
No lube for this bitch.
Straight hate fuck.
Her eyes bloodshot as she tries to scream.
This bitch will get my fist.
Such a pleasure to beat you.
Bloody face and broken teeth.
Getting raped while you can't breathe.
Cyanosis of the skin starts to begin.
Beaten strangled and fucked in the ass, rupturing her rectum.
She cries as her asshole bleeds.
Forced to lick her blood and shit off my dick before she dies.
Feeling her still warm dead skin against mine, makes me ejaculate deep inside.
She's left strangled and sodomized.

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