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Skull Fucking Neonatal Necrosis

This song is by Visceral Disgorge and appears on the album Ingesting Putridity (2011).

I creep to the crib, bound and bleeding as you beg.
Single mothers are such easy prey.
Shut the fuck up bitch.
My cock gets hard hearing both of your cries.
Fragile baby bones break as mommy gets raped.
Bitch slapped and face fucked.
She gurgles helplessly impaled with cock.
Then stuff her mouth with a dirty sock.
Infanticidal urge surges through me.
Time for little one.
I grab it by the throat and start to choke.
My little rag doll fuck toy.
So many tight baby holes to fill with cum, my hard cock gets to decide which one.
My dick is slathered in baby brains as I penetrate ocular cavities.
Intracranial insertion of my erection.
Blood coagulates on my cock.
Fucking your dead child drives me fucking wild.
Forcing you to lick your child's brains from my cock.
You watch scared shitless as I devour what's left of it.
Don't worry, you're next bitch.

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