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Ball Gagged And Gutted

This song is by Visceral Disgorge and appears on the album Ingesting Putridity (2011).

Ballgagged and bound, legs spread and tied down.
Bitch I can't wait to carve up your cunt.
I force my fist inside of her.
Stretching her pussy until it tears.
Her bloody cunt begs to be eaten.
Take my razor and slice off her clit and eat it.
Fucking whore I will make you bleed, slicing you incessantly.
Tied down hacked and slashed victimized bound and gagged.
Eating the flesh of your severed breasts.
I stab you in the fucking cunt while you still gurgle blood.
I must satisfy the lust for blood on my cock.
A gory hole is all that's left for me to fuck.
I slam my cock into her bloody twat as I stuff severed pieces into her mouth.
Forcing her to swallow my entire cock, she vomits over my bloodied rod.
Beaten, raped, sliced and stabbed ripping innards from her gaping ass.
I slice her from her cunt to her tits, her insides pour out for me to cum on.
Releasing my seed upon this dead mangled atrocity.

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