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God Is Your Source

This song is by Virtue and appears on the album Virtuosity (2001).

[Verse 1:]
[Girl 1:] I'll never pray again.
[Girl 2:] Girl what you saying, You are the righteous, and your not forsaken.
[Girl 1:] If I'm the righteous, why am I going through,
See you don't understand until you walk in my shoes.
[Girl 2:] Have you forgotten, if there's a mountain, a little faith can go a long way.
[Girl 1:] I hear you talking
[Girl 2:] Well listen up again, cuz your not getting it, you need to remember (yeah)

God is your source and don't look to another,
Cuz he'll supply your needs according to his riches and glory
(you gotta know)

[Girl 1:] Somebody told me, goodness and mercy, suppose to follow me or is that a story.
[Girl 2:] The word of God is true, you want the break through, speak it and believe it, it will never fail you
[Girl 1:] I never had someone to break it down for me, so now I'm getting some understanding.
[Girl 2:] Dividing up the truth, is what we did for you, so if you didn't know, now you know.


Storm clouds may come your way. (In my life theres been alot of rain)
Be still helps on the way(good things come to those who wait)
Stand firm don't loose your faith ( I ain't going no where)
Just pray (i'm praying)
Just pray (i'm praying)


Jehovah Jirah, He's my provider,
But you gotta know from where your blessing flow
He never changing, and rearranging.
My life, your life, just try him

If you think about quiting every now and again, let me show you how to make it from start to end.
You gotta pray now, hey now, do you feel me, players, shortys, are you with it.


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