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Virtue (1997)Edit

Virtue - Virtue
  1. Let the Redeemed
  2. Your Love Lifted Me
  3. So Good to Know
  4. Greatest Part of Me
  5. Quiet Times
  6. Lord You Are Worthy (Interlude)
  7. Take It By Force
  8. Through Your Name
  9. I Must Tell Jesus
  10. Cry No More
  11. Be With You

Get Ready (1999)Edit

Virtue - Get Ready
Get Ready
  1. Get Ready
  2. Put Your War Clothes On
  3. Now's the Time
  4. Angels Watching Over Me
  5. Fly Away
  6. My Heart's With You
  7. Love Me Like You Do
  8. Super Victorious
  9. You Encourage My Soul
  10. Don't Take Your Joy
  11. Be Grateful

Virtuosity (2001)Edit

Virtue - Virtuosity
  1. We're Virtue (Intro)
  2. He's Been Good
  3. Something About the Way
  4. Gotta Worship
  5. Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  6. You've Been Merciful
  7. Till You Believe
  8. He's Been Good (Uncle Freddie Remix)
  9. God Is Your Source
  10. I Am God
  11. You Are My Everything
  12. Can't Believe
  13. Down On My Knees
  14. Never 2 Late

Free (2003)Edit

Virtue - Free
  1. Only God's In This
  2. Healin'
  3. Jesus Paid the Ransom
  4. Free
  5. Thankful
  6. You'll Win If You Try
  7. Lord, I Lift My Hands
  8. Worthy
  9. You Just Be You (Interlude)
  10. You Just Be You
  11. He's Able
  12. Everything Will Be Alright
  13. Open Arms
  14. Nothing Else I Can Do
  15. You Just Be You (Remix)

Testimony (2006)Edit

Virtue - Testimony
  1. Follow Me
  2. Testimony
  3. Sky Is The Limit
  4. 123 Praise! (featuring T-Bone)
  5. Give Him the Praises
  6. Thank You Jesus
  7. Fall Again
  8. Nothing Ever Mattered
  9. Get Up
  10. Praises to You
  11. Praises to You (Reprise)
  12. Holy Holy
  13. Down With It
  14. 123 Praise! (Remix) (featuring T-Bone)

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