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What It's Worth

This song is by Viridian.

I never would have thought that I could feel so weak
News came crashing in - took my ability to speak
I lay awake each night, thinking about times passed
And I wonder: Will I be set free at last?

I could lie
I could cry
But is it worth?
I could pray
I could stay
But is it worth?

As long as I recall you were by my side
Grew up with your smile - you built up my pride
Years as nothing changed until I heard the news
Fighting your last fight you're about to lose
So here I stand with my old friend
To laugh together till the end

I could care
I could swear
But is it worth?

If I could dream with you again
Just one chance to hold your hand
I'll make sure that by the time last kissed
You know you'll be missed

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