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The Whale

This song is by Viridian.

Down below in the deep blue sea
Far from all we know and accept to be
There's a creature known to be a myth
Living in the depths of the abyss
Pelagial tides wrung among its tail
As there is nothing where it should prevail

Emerging - the giant whale
Leviathan - skin is cold and pale
Wandering on his liquid throne
King of the ocean - but all alone

Mostly sleeping but when he awakes
The earth shambles beneath the quakes
Archaic lines drawing massive compound
Deafening silence when he comes around
Raging thunder is the sound of his voice
Yet to peaceful for anything to destroy

Gracious tyrant - wisdom as virtue
All of the ocean's life stands in his due
Would never do harm but still is feared
Prejudices never to be cleared
Power to take but the will to give
Like an archetype of how we should live

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