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I Am King

This song is by Viridian.

In our centuries' very last
When there was one man controlling the mass
I am the one and only
To defend this hegemony.
A father to anyone but me
Yet it is his blood that I bleed
As part of a giant fraud
I'm descendant of a phony god.

The old man climbs towards his death
And when he took his final breath
A war's about to start
Where every wise man should take part.
But I am chosen to emerge
The world's becoming mine to purge
I feel that fortune smiles
And my regency to rise.

My empire should be the one
To live through history and never be gone!

I am king!

The council plans to make a change
The realm is eager to rearrange
And they are all aware
That I am the rightful heir.
So we form a conspiracy
To save us from this anarchy
Preparing an attack
To earn the people's power back.

So I faced him in this night
To finish it without a fight
I've come to put an end
To the one who's in command.
I sense the gods above my head
It seems they want to see him dead
The empire shall be mine
And reemerge at my design!

Watch your kingdom slowly fall apart
As I pierce my blade right through your heart!

I am king!

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