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All My Life

This song is by Viridian.

All my life runs from me
I don't know where I've been
All my life - broken glass
Shattered walls, seasons passed
All my life - just a lie?
I don't care if I live or die
All my life - misery
Reality or mystery?

I'm not freezing in the cold
Body and soul are disengaged
I don't feel either young or old
As my feelings have been caged

All my life gone astray
Unable to walk my away
All my life - flesh and bones
Pave the way of stumbling stones
All my life - empty words
All your lies have made me cursed
All my life about to end
Reach to the sky with my hand

All alone as drown in agony
Everything I fought for came to its conclusion
Some many years you have talked to me in irony
All my life - a world of illusions?

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