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​It's a Great Big World

This song is by Virginia O'Brien.

I bought a bonnet to suit my face
I had my petticoat trimmed with lace
I looked at the mirror, around I twirled
And then I went out in the wide, wide world

I dreamed of gentlemen I would meet
I saw them all kneeling at my feet
I can't understand it, my hair is all curled
But my goodness me, it's a great big world

And it's a cold, cold, cold and we'll soon be old
Alas and a lack, it's a great big world.

I learned to sew and I learned to bake
I even frosted an angel cake
On Saturday evening, when folks dropped in
My house was as neat as a brand new pin

I thought by learning each social grace
A chap might learn to forget my face
I can't understand it, I've knitted and pearled
But my goodness me it's a great big world!

I had no petticoat trimmed with lace
My angel cake was a sure disgrace
My face was my fortune, my mother said
And my dancing slippers of bright, bright red.

A million miles I've danced or more
In hopes Prince Charming would cross the floor
I can't understand it, I've Waltzed and I've whirled
But my goodness me, it's a great big world.

But I'll keep on knitting and doing it well
My slippers are one thing I never will sell
My petticoat's waiting, because who can tell?
It's a great big world, it's a great big world.

Written by:

Harry Warren; Johnny Mercer