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​Riderless Horse (Save Your Breath)

This song is by Virgin Steele and appears on the album Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation (2015).

Oh... get the Fuck outta the way!
L... I'll never leave you alone... look out... right!

She cries and moans for forgiveness
Like a sinner boiled in slime
Ah she cries and moans
And witches like a bedroom filled with crime
I tell her... I will dry your Pagan Eyes child
I will ease your Devil's Mind

She comes hungry in the Evening
Spellbound half past Nine
Oh, Creepin' cold into the warming
Like we're three makin' love... Shake it!
Born without existence dying only to be loved...
Ah lookout and shoved

Child of Loneliness a RIDERLESS HORSE'S Wish
A Phantom of Dusk... steal the Dawn
Starless and Sulphur dipped
A Cynide Blue abyss...
Your charges will ring down the Moon
A Woman who can't resist
A King of the Darkest Gifts
Cannibal Sins in your hair
My Rider of Angel Mist
Suicide hand or fist
Look back on your Troops one last time...

Save Your Breath child, save your breath...
You need it when you die
Save Your Breath child a Grave Caress,
You need it when you die
Save Your Breath yay yeah...
Oh your gonna need it when you die...
When you die!
Yeah... mamma yeah... your gonna need it
When you go... go... and when you come...

Save Your Breath baby, save your breath...
Your gonna need it when you die...
Need it when you die... oh...
Rest your breath... Born for the Razor's Kiss
Oh babe I'm comin' too
So save your Self... save your Wealth
Jenny child your gonna grieve
Under the Rain we're all alone and I'm inside you
Everything turns...
Oh... I'll never leave you!
I'll never leave you alone... babe...