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​Haunted Wolfshine

This song is by Virgin Steele and appears on the album Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation (2015).

Hidin' in the Rain where the Fall comes...
Crying in the Fields where we lay...
I could sing you lies a healing river Rose...
Wider than the scent from the Sun
I'm High to Midnight
But you bring it back to me... yeah yeah

Now I can feel the Civil War in my mind child
Burnin' out mistakes of the Night
Holier than thou Fate will disavow
Snakes are out to bind in the Summer need child...
Rite of Sorrow bring it on down... yeah, yeah
Sinner Comets lift the Fire of Below

Holy WOLFSHINE our Love in Black
I compel you by the knife in my back
Oh I'm HAUNTED by the WOLFSHINE glow
HAUNTED... by the Star born anger bred in me
We're never more to meet...

Rival in her sights with a slain glow
Lies black and white wither fire
I will see it crawl I will slay your moral
But you never know what May brings...
Livid... Holy mourning
Oh it never comes... yeah yeah
Died to forge it - oh and let it Shine!
Wide and open all Love in Black
Reaper's movin' like the Dead are down the track

By your Crayon burnin' Sun why?
HAUNTED screaming our Finale
There is nothing left to bleed...
Ghosts bring it on...

Please... every Sun has set for me...
Oh my love... oh my love...
Death White Burnin' skin on me...
There's nothing... nothing left to bleed...

Holy WOLFSHINE Chromium Wine
K&p your Wolf charms burnin' all the Tides

By the Sundown burnin' Graces
When the flame jets come and the Cities burn
I will feel my eyes burn Black
Please... tear it all down!