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​Funeral Games

This song is by Virgin Steele and appears on the album Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation (2015).

Cold, lifeless shadows a trashed astronaut
Last Rites from above cohesion dissolves
A Howling offense a wrought Iron spell
To know we're alive by seizing a Hell

She plays...
Hope lies discarded like dreams
Where you're mocked...
Ghosts fly like dust from her clocks
Holding her hands up so bleeding and raw
Begging her God for one more... one more...
Damnation so young
Forever undone... waylaid...

Years spent in torment, mirror ruined rocks
Searching for memories lock
Fearless defender all truths or dare
Will you mistake
The Season's despair for no longer there?

Kill or be killed Heaven hates below
Waiting for your White Vampire Glow
Darkness will end in smoke rings and embers
I will meet you there... under the rose

Know long Caskets grow
Like War scented classrooms long scores ago
A Saint like a stone a moss-covered throne
A motionless flame I wait here for you
Undaunted... Undaunted... Undaunt-dead...
I'm Haunted... wait...

Tears like a landslide damn you to fall
Smoldering reasons to call
Harrowing answers scraping the bark
Narrow inquest
Awake in the blast, the world runs too fast

Kill or be killed desecrate the Realm
Drowning in the Myth but all is said and done
Lie for your aims
Drawn, Quarter Magick
I will meet you there Soldering the Snow

From long Caskets grow
Containing forever - a new Ghost of blood
A siege of air like stones from above
To follow your way I grieve alone

Oh wait, please... please stay...
Come out of the Mist... oh please stay...
I wait for you... a... wake for you...
Just a Ghost of you...
Oh... there... like a Ghost you lay...