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Fallen Angels

This song is by Virgin Steele and appears on the album Nocturnes of Hellfire & Damnation (2015).

Light another candle child, let me know you're here
Tortured cries in the dark... praise the Devil
Our Secret Writings are a Door
Get Closer... I'm gonna rip through
There's nothing left but grief... end law
Stare the Night awake...
Why suffer Fates yet to receive?
No one wins alive

I am one ripe with sun flies
I am one with the willfull crowd
I'm the One with the scarred wings
I'm the One with the silver shroud

Hold another mirror to your mouth, are you alive?
From where I sit they're busting out... end days...
There's nothing left when Seas cry your Name
Entombed the air snakes...
Prayer is like a loan...
Fools weild them your eyes roll back
And Love's doom weeps like a scar burst

I await for the Wind to follow
I await for deceit and laugh
I am one with the Reapers
I'm the One with the sin
Colored moth winged shroud

Woe... God it seems so long...
Still it seems so free unloved
Like a blood embrace
Now who sleeps?
Fall I shine!

One by one... Nations march out... One by one

Hallowed at last...
I will drive the Wind through the Pines
I just want to be a moving Shout
Nothing comes between Oblivion... follow...
She feels free... beyond pain
And Winter comes to greet me... I'm closer now...

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