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​Coils of the Serpent

This song is by Virgin Steele and appears on the album Age Of Consent (1988).

(Music, lyrics and effects: De Feis)

(The Serpent to Himself:)
"Anger, fury and hatred boil within me.
Woe to see them enjoy this Paradise, while I'm resigned to hell!
My cunning will prevail and doubt shall be their undoing!"

(The Serpent to Eve:)
"What reason, what fear provokes this ban?
Knowledge forbidden?
Why envy you this?
Is it a sin to know, can it be death to taste?
Is ignorance your creator's wish for you,
Or is blind obedience a proof of your faith?!...
Take from the tree this golden fruit, be one with the gods!
I tell you this freely with love in my heart.
Come your beauty has earned this..."