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One Chance

This song is by Violent Delight.

Nothing should change
We're still the same
No matter how much you think it has
I don't want
To be your pain
I just can't stand to see you this way

But you don't understand
What you mean to me
I want you to see
How much I care

I've waited so long
For you to see
What I really want to be
Just give me
This one chance
To be who I really am

And you know I can't do this alone
I just want you to stay here
And you know I need you
And I know you need me too

But what can I say to you
I just can't do it to you
I don't know what I can do
How can I tell this to you

Just let me show you
Just let me know you
I just need you to know I care

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