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​A Winter Breeze

This song is by Vinterland and appears on the album Welcome My Last Chapter (1996).

The dark in this forest. Once again it reach to my depth.
My hands/heart are/is full of winter,
A cold and icy winter.

My/A??? bleed, far beyond the sun,
This kingdom will forever/never lay aside (???)

My journey, to the grounded (???) sea.
I was the last awoke (???)
I feel (???) so down, so down

Now I found the ice crown (??)
So bright, a breeze.

This blessed kingdom, that never saw the sun.
My soul in a?? winter breeze
A winter breeze.

The dark, I now follow from my death (??) eternally to die.
A broken chain (??) of filth (??) a breeze, a country (???)

My breeze, my winter love (???) of death.
My blood freeze, my eyes (??)
A winter breeze takes my life.
Takes my soul far away.
A winter breeze

A winter breeze.